Linux App Summit

Now that I’m on the back of some fairly intense travelling during the last 6 weeks, I finally get a chance to write something up.

Back in November, I was fortunate to be involved in the Linux App Summit conference in Barcelona. Linux App Summit was a joint venture between multiple communities, including KDE and Gnome.

LAS was a great opportunity to use the event infrastructure components that we’ve been building for KDE over the past few years. Now that we’ve been able to test both Frab and our Event Registration tooling with more communities, we’ve been able to mature our requirements some more for further development in the coming months.

  • In both cases, we wish that it was possible to use a third party authentication provider.
  • In both cases, we found limitations in our ability to apply custom styling and layout components to the user front-end. We’re now looking for a way to do this in a sustainable way.
  • We’re looking at the User Experience of submitting talks and events to Frab. Frab works great for large scale events, but we might not need this much flexibility for events such as LAS.

LAS was run as a single-track conference event with breakout sessions during each day. On doing this, I was really impressed with the content structure and themes during each day.

During the event, I spent some time working on the video recording of the talks. Although we had some issues with the audio feed, we had a great opportunity to test out a Voctomix based streaming configuration. We currently have a couple of Laptops on loan from Tuxido computers, I’ll be publishing an entry on this with more details next week.

Thanks as always for KDE e.V. for giving me the opportunity to work on really fun projects like LAS, always giving me more scope to improve our event infrastructure and work with amazing people.